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Month: December, 2012

Short and Dark in Hue

Uniform we stand, a tear, a giggle. Desist.

One minute for a life of millions.

I stand near the back; I never met the man.

Damn! Some coffee on this tie,

But it’s black and no one will notice right?

Aisles of aisles, so many it’s hard to count

The time I spend on work.

Lennon said it right, hard work and long days,

Not so long when you’re at the front,

But then it’s over and the earth muffles my giggle.


-Alex Rego, December 2012

The Afghan Refugee; An Identity

Drawing By: Sonia Tremblay

Drawing By: Sonia Tremblay

When Autumn Rises

Fading trees of fall

Squirrels dancing all around

New doors and new ends

-Jack Yoon, September 2012