I Am Lucy’s Regret

I’m in a white tunnel. Is this reall-

I am Lucy’s regret

The beeping starts as she loses the ability to breathe
I stop dead. The tunnel is getting dark; there is an entity
No one is in the room with her

I can feel her shallow breathing. I gain substance

Why is there a creature there? I was supposed to be saved
After 30 years of waiting, she finally gave up

I am a bull with ooze pumping through me

Breathing gets harder and my knees tremble. Is this what I get?
Doctors crowd around her, but the will to save her weakens

I am stronger. I know my mission

I fall and I can see something getting nearer
Time slows down. It is the witching hour
Why am I seeing him die again?

Pain is good

I scream I close my eyes I want to go home
Lucy convulses

The tunnel is smaller I am nearer


I exhale and I am only inches away from her


The tunnel is now a cavern

Lucy loses color

I reach out and touch her

I feel… scream… I want… home…
Lucy dies
The heat of the cavern is calming. I walk down stairs

I am Lucy’s damnation