Off the Beaten Path

by mxiris

Here I lie-
I twist and turn
But only because I’m
For the next pair of foot prints
To wander
Off the beaten path
And make their mark
Upon my barely trodden soul

I may not be the quickest
Or easiest of ways
But I wish that people would care
To walk under the sturdy oaks
That hug me on either side

I’m no 5th avenue
No Champs- Elysees
But perhaps the soft sounds
Of acorns thumping on the ground
Is better than that
Crowded city air

So until the next person gets tired
Of walking down the same cement streets
I will wait
For that thud, shuffle or scrape
Of a new pair of
Boots, sneakers, or sandals
Finding their way
On the barely trodden surface
Of my soul

-Julia Yee, May 2014